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Things Russian girls hate

Guys have a lot of qualities that girls admire, but there are a lot of negative ones, too. Experts from http://deedeesblog.com/10-fatal-first-date-mistakes/ know what Russian girls hate about men. Rudeness – all girls love guys who know how to be a gentleman. Being rude is the quickest way to get dumped, so watch your manners, bro. Greed – all Russian ladies simply hate this character trait. After all, they expect gifts and surprises from their boyfriends. And how can they expect them from you if you’re a cheapskate? Passivity – Russian girls prefer active guys. If you’re passive, the girl may start thinking that she’ll have to be the initiator in your relationship. And she won’t like it. Irresponsibility – if you promise something, you’d better do it. Girls hate men who don’t keep their word. A bad sense of humor – such a negative trait can be really annoying. So tell funny jokes or don’t joke at all.